Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Shoot Me Kill Me

Oh how am I going to burst this out? I think I am left with a bundle of ignorance by the others who play such those important roles to my self-function. Without those being unplaced, the abundance damned me.

Frankly saying, I'm now not in the eagerness of achieving my dreams. Or at least, a short term goal. As if I'm dragged hardly towards even thinking to be blossomed with good spirits. So tired facing people's conducts that are various. In the rightful way or the other way around. I'm so tired.

These sufferings without something to make me move are unbearable anymore. I can feel my heart is hanging at the edge of its stalk waiting to fall down at the base of my tummy. In short, I feel like it's screaming out loud due to the painful bearings. Cut my hand bleed, I think I won't feel any pain.

On this moment of being really low, seriously I need myself shut down. Or be shot.