Wednesday, July 29, 2009

H1N1: The Jerk

Dear Diary,

I am still weak after the attentive treatment from those dedicated nurses in Hospital Pontian. Even now I still couldn't believe that I was suspected for H1N1. What a jerk! But I accepted it all. At least I have an experience to talk about. And, a 10-days rest at home for quarantine.

Our environment is not that safe, anymore, Diary. What we breath in and out of this air, is not as clean. What contains in it is unknown.

Actually, I have composed such many words to tell my experience here. However, I feel really weak now and need a lie-down right away.

Just a reminder, please do not remain outside for too long. It is unhealthy. Wear a mask if you catch a cold. Exercise cleanliness precautions after coughing and sneezing.

Eh? But, you're just a Diary! You don't even breath!

Wasting my time. Off.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hm Poem~

Just got inspired by a pianist friend so this is the outcome of the end!

A Tragedy Being Hurt

She hunched her body to the ground,
Only to have found;
A peace offering being turned down,
How likely does that sound?

A terrible mistake that what is,
Equaled to a worst ever quiz,
Hundreds of kindness she couldn't list,
Being wiped out in the mist!

Just what this probably meant?
Those messages being sent,
Not even one is deemed to amend,
This day by day worsened scent.

She caught her whiff,
Of her unpleasant 'if',
Everything she wanted to differ,
Unsure of which one would she prefer?

Lost, lost beautiful memories,
Into some lump sum tragedies,
Friends turned enemies,
Like daughters hate their mummies.

Of what to do; what to do,
Not even one knew,
As the wind blew,
No one noticed when it'd due.

Even one day when she becomes a star,
To this scar;
Would remind her of how far,
The girl threw the peace behind bars.

How her heart hurts,
When this has become rotted,
How absurd!,
Her deepest cry that I heard.

My small hut,
Shah Alam.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sleepless' Tonight

My babe Diary,

Since I cannot sleep myself to bed, I better use this time to pen everything into here while I can.

What I notice somehow about myself now is, how easily I forget or confuse things these days. Why? Am I getting older or something that my ability to memorize is fading away bit by bit? Please oh no! I am studying and how I need this ability becoming sharper and sharper day by day! Oh-ho.

For an example, which is quite stupid (aha!), just now I typed a message to a friend and precisely when I spelled the word 'numbers' I was thinking hard whether the spelling was even correct! Oh how shallow!! I'm sad.

Is this confusion in my mind due to my sleepiness or simply because my brain is getting slower? I do not know somehow and hopefully to sharpen this utmost important ability to the max! It sounds fierce, but whatever.. eh Diary?

Just a bit on my up close & personal - I also found myself a bit lazy to read although the books are pretty interesting. I mean, hey! These are really my things! But amazingly still laziness revolves around and around. What is happening here, Nadia? Ugh! You!! Hopefully too, I'll be quick in patching up my behaviors correctly at any costs! I shall reach the star. Oh yeah.

Another one thing. I've been thinking of a friend, tonight. Impossible but true enough - throughout my life, it has been two occasions where friendship built between around of friends were broken due to some reasons. I refused to put the blame on anyone but to accept it to be my bad, too. Friendship is sacred, to me. You do not know how ruined I could be when a friend breaks the relation due to some avoidable mistakes. And how afraid I would be at times of disagreement of facts. Shit happens but this one is totally a wreck to me. As possibly as it could, surely I would try hard to avoid this from happening. But as I said, shit happens. Even the ships in the sea collide with each other even though the sea is really wide and huge. One might think how could that even be possible. However, there were a number of cases had already happened so what's so impossible or even possible out of it?

To that friend, if ever read this, I would really like to bury the hatchet between us. This peace offering will be evergreen to a lifetime so whenever you feel like befriending me again, it would be very much a warm welcome. I'll treat our friendship into a new book of Diary. (Not you, Diary! Don't be perasan.) Lets just forgive and forget.

Well my Babe Diary, seems like I'm becoming sleepy so lets go to bed.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Randomize my Saturday

Oh Diary!

What a dreadful day today is!


I'm feeling sad for my little brother's unexpected accident yesterday when he was on his way back home, got hit by this little fat boy who is said to have envied for my brother's GT bike! If only I could meet him up, a good scold and a nice slap on the face would do me just good. Would do him just fine too! Little kids sometimes need that little scares away from big brothers, big sisters of his friends so he wouldn't act rude!

Oh my Lord.

On a different side of that, I'd like to tell you Diary how I love my Cappuccino with one and a half teaspoon of milk! Wonderful!

Recently, my phobia with the elevators eat me MORE! I really do not know why do I have to fear that convenient machine for nothing?! *Sigh* For that phobia, I often confuse myself of the buttons for 'open' and 'close' of the doors. Because normally, most of the elevators just use the symbols of [><] for open and [<>] for close rather than just simply using words to say those. This has frightened me a lot especially when there are people outside waiting for me to open the doors for them from the inside. It's even scarier if I were the only one who left inside! Surely they expect me to push the 'open' button for them! A good luck it is if I get it right! But it really pisses them off if I push the wrong one - having the doors closing on them. *Sigh* I really didn't mean it, people. I got confused. I do really afraid of the elevators. Luckily, the one in my apartment has its automatic censor if people pass through it, it beeps its sound then only it'll close afterwards.

I even wonder if this kind of phobia has its name. Usually all kinds of ridiculous phobias have its very own unique names, aren't they? Hee.. =D

On another material, I'd like to preview some recent movies I went to watch: Ice Age 3, The Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Harry Porter - The Half Blood Prince. Although the second one is considered widely by people as the greatest movie of the year, to me, the third one IS! I chunked every moment quite well off in the third! For the first one, I slept off half the movie, haha! Whatever.

At another random pick, I think a simple bath is a teeth-brushing, a facial-washing and a body-foaming. Oo, why do I post this here? (Feels like typing it down.)

A top and a pretty skirt make me looking nice on Saturday at home. ;) Feels like doing make-up but later I feel lazy to clean it up back. :p

Hey, okays.
Finish randomizing my Saturday.
"Hey fat kid, I'll remember you!" [vavi!] oops! >*<

Wednesday, July 15, 2009



Oscar Wilde, once, is quoted to say "Those who faithless know the pleasures of love; it is the faithful know love's tragedies." It's true.

If I were to be faithful all my life, it is like an attempt to hurt myself. Doesn't it so? As to the contrary, if I were to be faithless, I attempted myself to feel the love as much as I could. So, which one would I choose to be?

I always think, it is going to be painful when being betrayed by someone in whom you pour all your love into. This made me think deeper. Of any consequence of any chance if I were in the same shoes as those who have experienced being betrayed. I could go crazy, I swear! Although, the extremeness in me now is a bit alleviated nowadays, but, I can imagine when the people I love being extremely such a harm to me, it'd re-install its phase in within. I could be as crazy as crazy does.

All happenings that people all around me are facing gave me some space and time to re-think what have I done so far in ruining my harmony kind of life. People often say 'Expect the unexpected' but the truth is, we are often being in the 'unexpected' moments not realizing whether it will happen or not. Simply, most of us just do not care of these expectations. We live accordingly. We just follow the flow. It's like a river. We just flow forward and forward but not backwards. Oh why!

God is trying to show me something by all the happenings, really. Thank God you've made me stop & think of ruining further my life.

I do really hope some who feel troubled over certain issues could settle down and relax, to be cool and to lay back, to be strong and to have a little patience each time, and mainly the tests He put on you has its own purpose to transform a much better person than you are now.

People is getting inspired from many experiences that the others are experiencing - the good and the bad. And it is a good thing to get inspired to avoid negative things. But to me, though the nature is so, I never enjoy seeing people all around me getting hurt and harmed by what they're experiencing, especially when it is bad. I feel terrible actually to learn this cruel fact in life of getting inspirations out of tragedies, it is somewhat not cool, eh Diary?

Until now Diary.
I do think a lot, lately.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Crazy In The Wind

Hi Diary,

I am blogging this as I feel weird of myself for nothing.

Tonight is incredibly windy in Shah Alam! But raining is not just yet. What a beautiful night! I can feel the softness of the wind passing through my neck, and my hair. Nothing beats the wind. Not even the air-conditioner. This is wonderful!

Tonight also, I felt this great rush of adrenaline a bit faster than usual. My dinner was sardine and fried-egg, so after it, TV was what I turned onto. As I watched a Cantonese movie on 8TV, there was this new advertisement of Garnier Aqua Defense aired in between which hitched my interest in a blink of eyes! I really have no idea what has hitched me at once about this product, but in my head I was considering of getting one!

The clock on the wall showed 9:50 PM. As I was calculating the cash I've got at the time being, at once, I got my ass up off the couch and headed to my room to change. Grabbed my purse, and unbelievably I was on my way down the lift to Guardian just nearby my house! What a rush! But what the heck, I got hitched!

I headed to the store to find that Aqua Defense is full in the rack!

Paid for it and headed for home.

I've just applied that onto my face just now. It felt as icy cold! Oh dear. I don't know really what's going on in my head. I spent my money as I like! But the feeling of satisfaction is definitely uncountable.

That's it for now, Diary. That's it for a windy night's craziness!

Simply crazily irresistable.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My New Rite of Passage

Hey Diary,

Although now (if following to 'the plan'), I should be embarked into doing LL.B and suppose to be graduated soon. However, the 'fate' says my way is diverged differently from others and from 'the plan' already created. I am rather glad seeing my other friends who have been joining the legal field seriously into making it a job for life. Really!

After all, all of us will have to struggle on our own, with our ways and no one would be spared for this. Age may be a matter concerned but the 5 Secrets To Happiness do not line that age-factor as a barrier to be as happy as the bright blue sky!

(It may sound a bit assertive but I really have to keep up this good motivation!)

Already, in my mind, I am marching forward to the idea of Happiness and gaining knowledge from a field I have my biggest passion in. With this pureness of intention, I really hope to be a star in the dark night sky... To raise up from failure. To rise and shine. To be successful as the others had.

Gladly, I have started this new course and happened that I really like it! All of them are happening and inspiring! Just a little patience will pay for this. Another 3 years to go and I will make sure to mold every moment, even though I'll like or hate, I'll just have to adapt those to myself.

Oh Diary...
I am happy now I have a goal in life. I will always open up a can. The world belongs to those who say I can. I have fallen and now is the time for me to arise like the sun shines the morning. This is because a truly wise person will constantly move forward striving for self-improvement!

Good luck, people!

Good luck, Nad...!