Sunday, May 31, 2009

Unexpected Music

Just thinking... Hmm, most musicians love creating songs in a slow version or in a sad mood or in a gloomy situation..

But, normally, what has come out to be famous is the one with happy, happy tune! That's fresh to listen to. Why?

Listeners want something that isn't melodramatic? Hm!


Friday, May 29, 2009

9 Crimes For Nashwa

"Hey Damien, I wonder, this song is really nice! But I don't quite feel right when I listen to it for free. Without paying u anything who had trouble creating one like this!" shouted Nashwa from the hallway of a club one day.

"Oh how did u come across my song?"

"I downloaded it from a web."

Damien looked as though he was thinking of something.

Nashwa quickly stopped him with "OK, u play me a song, state a price - I'll pay whatever price and u gave me your permission to download your other songs for free if I come across any. Deal?"

"No big deal!" with his mouth smiled.

Damien then started to play one called "9 Crimes" for Nashwa.

-Damien Rice-

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Football Panda

Good morning Diary.
(Just wondering if I name my future daughter "Diary", wouldn't it sound somewhat good? Hehe!)

Yeah. Barcelona has won! This excites me! Few months back, this football fever has started to grow maniacally in me. Weird though, 'cuz I was not the type who really watching football, before. Especially when going out eating in some places where seasonally there would be football matches and there were these crazy bunch of guys whose butts attached to the chairs of the restaurant - screaming and applauding and freaking out when the ball is getting into the goal. I, who, just wanted to enjoy my meal, too often, would be 'denatured' and this has left me feeling angry. Just like a thunderstorm strikes a tree. (I am that tree, ok?)


But, wonderfully! I started to enjoy that triggered feelings by a ball getting into its goal. It was just like striking ten-pins in bowling. The 'yay' feeling. Indescribable. Oo-oops! but, I haven't really mastered the system of a football game. I think I'm interested to give all hands up for Chelsea simply because my siblings were supporting them in many games before, and that I went to see Chelsea fought Malaysia football team for a friendly match before in Shah Alam Stadium and that.. I don't want to argue with them (siblings) if let say I support another team differently from them. And, the one fact that I happen to like this one quite-handsome Chelsea player: Frank Lampard. *smirks*

OK. Football done.

Just this morning, when I wanted to apply the skincare on this face, I just wonder why must I apply this eye refiner around these eyes? It's like the job is never done in refining these panda eyes around. I'm more to my instincts that says this is just some plain lotion, white coloured; that is sold at a price of 12 liters petroleum? Yeah. Don't know what to believe in these cosmetics nowadays unless we're the dermatologist creating it, no?

Anyways, I'll just have to still apply though no result of no panda eyes being painted around. What a waste of money, na! And, panda eyes of mine SUCKS. But panda is cute. Hee, perhaps it's okay having their eyes on mine~ Heee.. =P

OK, done panda.

Now, this post is done.

See you soon, Diary! (a daughter) *smugs*

Homie Video Songs

Miss Diary.

RECENTLY i enjoy a lot watching new people I've found in youtube who play their own instruments (like guitar & piano) and create their own songs! Not just merely plain songs but they're GOOD songs! Ohh just great~

I am not jealous but if only i have a nice voice and nice skills playing guitar better, it'd be so thrilled! But, as I can see, they weren't as thrilled as i felt while recording themselves. Most of them were so relax like they're taking the greatness calmly into themselves!

I am really taken aback especially when I found those singing my favourite songs as good as the original! It will be replaying many times & a hope of getting the audio of the covered songs lingered in mind so I can put it into my iPod. It's somewhat real truth when listening to these 'cuz maybe I'm sick already having listened to many flawless recorded songs specially those being recorded in the studio, with all the right voice, composition and mood. Feels like I cheat my ears listening to something which might be fabricated by computer technologies. Hehe! :p

These are my favourites in youtube;
1. Lenka - Don't Let Me Fall (cover) by DanielaSings
2. Without You (original) by DanielaSings
3. 9 Crimes (cover) by newday38
4. 9 crimes (cover, harmony) by newday38
5. With or Without You (cover, full) by newday38
6. A Waltz for A Night by StormeySkye

Check these out, fellows!

Off for now, Miss. Daa~

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cheesy Wedges at Dawn

Dear Diary...

TONIGHT i went without sleep, again. This time, it's not amnesia. It's just an adjustment of sleep that I'll have it paid a bit later in the evening. Hehe! I don't know but i really LOVE every moment at night time. It serenades my mood, stimulates my brain to hard but calm thinking. It is something i cannot get on day time. (oh well maybe because i'll simply sleep then) haha!

Whatever it is, this is normal having sleepless nights when I was in semester break.

Hm. I've split up with the 2nd love. It's haunted and painful. I'm so silly.
Such a fool out of love. Do i still hope something? Ugh, please be firm, self-absorbed fool~ Grr!

Hm. This morning, will be attending the fuckin* speak (dunno what?) for pre-L theoritical for driving license. Cheese! I am soo worn out throughout the night. Sounds like i went partying till 4, huh? Haha~ They just complicated my life, y'know, by inventing something cheesy vivid wedges for nothing! Ugh! Hate it.

Uuuu... speaking about cheesy wedges, remember the one in KFC!! Finger lickin' gooood~ Oh, i am hungry for that!

I love you Diary moooore than any books in life!

Bye. I'm going to KFC to grab one! (Bluff!)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Geography-Love Trick

Hey Diary.

I'm so, so, so sad. Writing this on u with tears running down my cheeks. I screwed up my studies. But, i did well in building my confidence again.. for the afterwards. Suddenly, this came unnoticed.

I remember Lenka's line in her song "Trouble Is A Friend" that goes - trouble he will find u no matter where u go oh oh - well, dear diary... Is really Trouble my friend? Ugh! Shit laa. I'm so sick of this friend then! Go away, i don't fucking need u!

Maybe, love is playing a trick on me, no Diary? It comes and goes as it wishes. Like the cold winter breeze bumps into the hot summer wind, making it a high-pressured spot that probably has high temperature fever there! I remember this as Japan which is situated on the way between the Pacific Ocean and The East China Sea has this occasion going on. Huhu forgot the theory already.. The cold breeze is from the Pacific Ocean and the hot breeze is from the ECS. Making the spot where both meet, a very good place for Spongebob and Patrick and all the fish neighborhood live a good life underwater.. But, Spongebob and them all are not from Japan, aren't they? Ugh no~ ignore it.

What this theory has to relate with love's playing me a trick, huh? Hm.. a contradiction? Lemme be the only who understood this!

P/S: i love Geography so much & i think i should be a geologist!

Heart you Diary!

Torn Between Two Loves

Is it possible to live 2 loves at the same time?

Zainab, the eldest daughter of Prophet Muhammad once had a tough choice between honoring her love towards her beloved father and her husband. There was a time when Islam came to Makkah, many relations of families and friends became sour when a line has finally drawn between Muslims and non-Muslims. Zainab was among the first women who embraced Islam but her husband not. Even so, their marriage was still intact. However, at the end, she made her way back to her family in Madinah, reunited and fully practiced Islam. She had to leave her husband as their marriage was terminated according to Islam (where Muslim cannot marry non-Muslim)

Then, war after war, Zaid, a Prophet's companion managed to sabotage trade caravans from Makkah that were traveling past Madinah. All the merchandise and employees were brought to Madinah. One of the employees was Zainab's former husband, who successfully escaped and he later knocked a right door that had him met his former wife, Zainab. In all his despair, he knew he could trust her.

He told her he was worried of the confiscation of the merchandise that he held in trust under barter trades in Syria.The people in Makkah trusted him and he needed to return the merchandise to the purchasers.

When Zainab left for Subuh prayers, she told her father's followers that she gave protection to her former husband. Prophet Mohammad reminded her to receive him with all honour but don't let him come as a husband. After that, all the merchandise were returned to him in hopes he would embrace Islam and he was asked whether he would join Islam and he told them "It were a bad beginning to my Islam, that I should betray my trust."

After returning the goods to Makkah, he came back to Madinah and embraced Islam. His marriage to Zainab was reinstated by Prophet Muhammad with great celebration by the people of Madinah.

That is the story of Zainab.

My story. I'm torn between two loves too. Hm, not between a father and a husband but between a Muslim and a non-Muslim. 1st of all, i really don't expect it would come to me the second love which is so appealing. It wasn't searched by me, it just came like the wind. I don't know how to put this. But, the confusion really annoys and hurts. And this is really a heartache! At one side, i thought of maintaining the day-by-day-faded-away relation with a Muslim. At the other side, the glory of 'like/love/whatever' has consumed me little by little with this non-Muslim.

This is like a crap. But did Dato' Dr. Fadzilah Kamsah's theory about Malay guys being unromantic really true? Likely true, likely bullshit. I don't know. My head is going to explode, but i really hope could see a way out of this disheartening split within myself. Help me, Ya Allah...

I shut down now. Bye diary.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

God Initiates The Love

Hi Diary Love..
Absolutely i really think love is acting so simple towards me. Without much hassles, love is really like in the air. Love resembles the oxygen and carbon dioxide i think. I breathe it in and out of my lung and heart and be delivered throughout my body. Not too additionally to say, i'm in love and i'll be in love again and again. As long as i can breathe. Grateful is what i am now.

But, if love is being so simple as the oxygen and carbon dioxide, well then too, it sometimes is mixed with other particles. We are not just breathing the oxygen and carbon dioxide i think. It's impossible that only that's being in and out.

Sigh. This babbling talk is actually taken none of my understanding. Huhu. Love is hard for certain, easy for some, but when it's too easy too, it becomes as hard as rocks. Love rocks? Nay. To me, rock rocks! Heheh. *If u understand what I mean*

But... what is 'love' actually without a starter starts it? I believe, all these feelings of love must have a 'manager' who brings it all out to us. And that's from Him. He's who's The One. By His gigantic love, all these are existed and we get to love and be loved. Without Him, would anything have its meanings at all? Nay. It just doesn't make sense, doesn't it?

He's the reason why we all are here. Although, i myself can't see Him anywhere, but my heart feels His existance very well. This could be as similar as to the existance of the wind. Human can't see it but it can be felt. But, the wind is nothing to be compared with Him, really.

I'm sure anybody would feel how majestic and how big the function of love is to mankind. Wooof! I myself admit it! But it has got something bigger than the love itself. I believe in that.

I'm sorry I can't really come to term of people without any beliefs and faith. It just doesn't make sense. We live on this Earth with a solid basis. No matter whatever your faith is, God is there for all of us. There must be One who made and will make all these started. No matter which is that One u believe in. That's the base. That's it. We've got to hold on to something on the earliest stage, at the end of it and also in between that. I mean, LOVE. It's from Him.

It does not need any physical attach to believe of His existance. We just 'can' feel it. Truly, i started realizing of His existance when I was somewhere at 9-11 years old of age. I attended a religious school back then. And my teacher simply offered to us all, who wanted to take off early from school, had to answer her question quickly by putting our hands up. Her question is, "What are the signs that u believe Allah is existed?" and me - whose intention just wanting to go back early, took out my hand on the air (to be the first one, without a prepared answer) and directly looked out of the window beside me and saw a big tree, a river and some pupils outside. So i went "With the existance of the world with all its features and living things, days and nights, sea's rise and fall, firmament, sky with its clouds and stars, planets other than the Earth and love therefore Allah is existed". My teacher and the others were amazed and I grabbed my already-packed bag and just dissappeared happily.

But really, on the moment I looked out of the window, something has fulfilled myself towards realizing that He's existed. The answer I got was simply from the nature.

And love is definitely from Him who delivers it to all human inconsiderately by any lines of religions, races, cultures at all. Whoever 'Him' that u believe in, love is existed with the existance of God, being delivered through religion/s, reached at us making us civilized throughout anything.

So, what is love without beliefs and faith? I don't get it at all.

Till now Diary.
Allah is The Almighty.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

When Father Conquers The TV

This bugs me so much. My dad suddenly changed into someone who sticks with TV a lot these days. Hm well it's much as it's funny as it annoys me. Ya, I know he's paying the bill but what the heck, diary! Today's Sunday! I wanna watch my program I've long been watching even before he became like this... Heee. =[

I guess, who pays, he rules, yeah? Aaaa~

A Movie I Watched

Hi Diary!

Yeah. I did create this kinda loophole for me to write whatever I feel to! Since this is the first post, so here's a little intro (haha!) Well I guess maybe because I'm too bored with nothing to do so i just decided to make one of this. Whenever I feel like writing - pouring all possible thoughts from this working brain - I'll just share it here. That's why i fugure its name 'a shared diary', yeah?


Since my departure here, the most I did was watching a lot of movies offered by Astro's movies department (Starmovies, HBO & CineMax). Yes! A thing to be NOTED. I don't really work. I sit on my potato porch & confront the TV.. hehe!

One of it I thought as a great one will be reviewed here..

Fool's Gold (2008)

Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson, both play as "Finn" and "Tess" are husband-and-wife who is on the way getting a divorce at the beginning of the movie. Tess assumes Finn as a useless hubby who has never come out with anything out of his obsession in a search for 'Queen's Dowry' of a ship that was wrecked in 1715 named 'Aurelia'. And so, Finn, who's clearly still in love with Tess, trying hard to prove to Tess all of his theories finds his dead end when knowing they're finally divorced. Tess, at the same time working as a stewardess on a private boat 'Precious Gem' owned by this rich old man (Honeycutt), is terribly shocked when finding out Finn has found his way into the private boat she's working at. I must say, that boat was really beautiful!

Well, then, the story begins with many interesting plots that arrives with an interesting end! I don't know when I read reviews on this, there has alot of bad negative reviews. I have to agree with this reviewer's opinion at, which says;

Sorry many reviewers don't know a great date movie when they see one. It's not about saving the world, it's about fun, entertainment, adventure, chemistry, and just a good time with someone you care about. Get over yourselves, reveiwers! I'm tired of your holy-er than thou attitudes!!! People! Don't expect to be tossed and turned by the same old deep plot story that everyone is so tired of going to see, and reviewers are so happy run off at the mouth about! This is not "THE KILLING FIELDS!" Stop expecting Armegeddon!
It's just a fun adventure with "not hard to look at" actors, and of course, we can't forget legendary Donald Sutherland, who gives his usual outstanding performance.
Just go and enjoy, people!

Yes, he/she is right. Haha!

Till now. Bye diary.