Sunday, August 23, 2009

Minyu Minyu Minyu

Hey Diary,
The first day of fasting has gone smoothly as I think the weather had been such a help too! Great weather, moreover; it was Saturday, therefore, nothing really dragged me off tiredness. Another bonus... Minyu (a cat) is here too, accompanying me going through the day. I'm so grateful she's here because she was the one accompanying me sahur when nobody else ever would. The extra bonus, of course, the credit would be given to my flatmate family who's been kind enough to share some food specially cooked for the first Iftar together. How am I not delighted with all these greatness for the first day in Ramadhan!

Minyu, on the other side, she's so, so wonderful! She sleeps when I turn off the lights. She licks my cheeks to wake me up at 4 a.m. when she hears the alarm clock banging. She sleeps, too, throughout the day when I take a day nap. She sits beside my lappy when I am online. She entertains the people she doesn't recognize to take their hearts. And... ohmigod! she is so flirty to guys more than the girls!

Just now, Minyu has taken her ass off to sleep beside me when I intended to just take a short lay down. So, I grabbed a camera & snapped her in action!

Sleeping at a narrow space beside me

Moving down to the floor, absorbing some coolness

My day has been pretty Daisies with her attendance. I love to see her sleeping with four legs in the air, I love she's being a bit dominant to grab whatever spaces that are mine!

I love Minyu a lot! Anas has done a good job in taking care of her all these while.
Kudos to Anas!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Army's Rotation For Food

Just tonight, Diary, he has accused me of being a spoiled brat after complaining how scarce my money has been nowadays. It triggered my head not to agree with that harsh accusation just because I thought he didn't know enough what a spoiled brat would mean technically.

Those were through the phone.

When we met later on for dinner; which eventually came to the time to go home, I pulled a canvas bag filling up with the modem, only to have found it was tonnes heavier than what a modem's normal weight would be! I figured out yet another plastic bag tied to the canvas bag, full of these!

Of course I refused directly on that time! Somehow I saw one of those was a pack of biscuit and said I don't eat biscuit at all. [Really, I don't. I'm not that type who loves to munch.] However, he replied 'It's the vegie biscuit - good for your stomach'. I went further checking. Instead, telling an ultimatum that he wouldn't want to befriend with me if I refuse taking it.

Reaching my room, I put all out. And the heavy stuffs are actually those above that I captured later on. Not purposely to be on the wall of fame to blog this but HOW I AM TOUCHED! Really! Tears are shed.

He messaged me then;
Is it OK? It's not much but in time of emergency, one can be alive still in about a week by eating my kind of soldier's rotation for food.

"I don't know what to say but you made me woken up & again, falling in love with..."
[I complained not because I needed these, I complained because one of the *girl's natures is to express worry. You girls would understand.]

It's Anas, Diary. T_T

*I'm a girl who's not yet a woman

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rainy Brain

A piece of work I could not directly post into you, Diary. It was raining cats and dogs outside and inside, the idea rained in my head too. Jotting it down in my note then - now virtually.

Monday, August 17th.
Rain - raining again, heavily. Up there, as if the showers are plenty. I open my window a bit; the rain's splashing in - created these watery dots on my writing table - the longer, the many. Almost wet, I close the window lids. Pick a tissue, wipe it all away. Now it's dry and clean, my head I put on to lay. I look up at the window, I wish I could go outside, wetting myself into the rain. I would jump happily, no one knew. Because everybody's hiding in their shelters. I would cry in the rain, no one noticed. Because the tears would flow together with the rain that falls onto my face. I would scream as well. Because the thunder's more loud than my shrieks. Still I put my head lying on the table. Looking out of the window, somehow I know that the rain is going to stop showering soon.

Now; it has stopped. Just as I knew.


Ta! =)

Monday, August 17, 2009


Dear Diary,

Now is the inhumanly hours to blogging but when my mind has its says, thus you are where I'm turning into regardless whether time is the essence.

Every now and then, I went high & low to get myself completed those compulsory responsibilities. At this age of approximately 23, I'm grateful to be born a Muslim. However, although I am, I am a sinner as well. Sins that had contaminated this huge feeling to be closed to God. Sometimes - most of the times - I did neglect some, I admit. But the weird thing is, I'd be getting back to the exact points I've ruined & ponder about why 'this foundation' in me do groggy once in a blue moon. I shall make equal of this to wearing a blanket when your feet feel cold but once it becomes warm again, you kick the blanket down the bedside. And when your feet feel cold once more, you grope about it through the darkness of the night recovering your cold feet again. To question; why can't the feet be just warm throughout the night? Or at least why can't the blanket just stay covered all the time? This reminded me of Katy Perry's Hot N Cold in its chorus that goes;

"Cause you're hot then you're cold
You're yes then you're no
You're in then you're out
You're up then you're down
You're wrong when it's right
It's black and it's white
We fight, we break up
We kiss, we make up [This sentence here is inapplicable, okay?]
You don't really want to stay, no
But you don't really want to go-o"

The above is just to show that one is trapped in the middle & being pushed and pulled to the right and to the left. [Got me?]

Regarding His existence, I am all solid. Regarding the teachings, I can count on myself. Diary, at this point of time, I'd reject anything that is foreign. Therefore, what is actually lacking...?

Has it something to do with the bad deeds already done? Suddenly I hate myself when thinking of the past.

Hardly wait for Ramadhan to come... Diary.
To nourish this rotten inside.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pity you, my Earth!


The weather today was continually behaving good & bright. As per saying what Anas has said just now at lunch, he has been all the way happy because of the great weather. I was tickled by that! How the weather could influence the mood of a person, I thought. With no haze, yeah, I could be exceptionally happy so I don't get the same pain in my chest when going out, anymore. Thank God.

Earlier before at dawn, I was rang by my mother asking whether I needed to be fetched to Pontian today if the MC I got was still available. Yeah. They're particularly becoming so concerned about me, recently since I was confirmed to have contracted with H1N1. I am so thankful but at the same time, hopefully that I don't help spreading the virus around. Whoever closer to me, so far, they are having no fever. Thank God, too.

Deep inside my head, I was thinking of all the happenings that struck us in these few months, may be rooted from the idea that 'our Earth is already so, so old that she has become weak & sick' too. Therefore, to help our Earth regains her health back is by having this utmost efforts in making this a better place to live for a couple of thousand years more. Google about this more, alright?

Inside, I really hope the coming Ramadhan may bring us some spaces to pray & to place some hopes so that everything will be okay. We would never expect at the early half of this year, the virus H1N1 would attack us human worldwide. Therefore, we could never predict what Ramadhan could carry us to, towards a better change for everything that have already worsened! Hardly wait for Ramadhan - a month full of good chances!

Till now Diary.
The thunder has started striking now. Soon, it will begin to raining. Go away, Haze! Go far away! I need fresh air to breath in.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Wonderful Matt Wilson

Dear Diary,

I'm sick. Of H1N1. Again. In pain. Insane.
It's like dying slowly. Hurt in the chest. But I know you know what Diary, my friend, a pianist portrayed in YouTube has composed me a piece entitled 'A Friend From Afar' very nicely! Here is the video.

Feeling happy all of a sudden, and like I'm healthy all over again - these are the outcomes after viewing this great piece of music especially for me! For the first time ever, I have someone composed me such a beautiful music, Diary! How I'm touched!

Coincidently, that I'm falling sick, and on that precise moment, this music clip has been uploaded by Matt Wilson from Connecticut - a deary friend I knew through these web of technologies nowadays. How wise!

Aside from that, one thing good about having this friendship is about how magical it is when the time zones between where I live and he lives is one day/24 hours in difference. For an example, if we were to chat online, if it is 12PM in my place, it'd be 12AM in his! So, I think of this as being so unique yet amazing! I love sphere!

Bye Diary.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Oh my goodness!,
A bottle full of water,
Had finally a hole made under,
Of which its name is leaker,
A twist of fates Lay knew better,
Twisting mind stressing the bearer,
Within its time of forever,
Gives up a giver,
Struggle the later,
To make it best not just better,
An unsound mind when you are sober,
Afraid of being a hater,
Having this punished by the Giver,
Oh sadder,
Let not this happens any longer,
Give up those thoughts which deeper,
Prepared the better,
Hoping it be smoother.

This poem has a really, really deeper meaning to me. It has me engulfed with headache every single night in my sleep. Its literal meaning couldn't be shared, just to be self-interpreted to those who read & understand this by heart. Ohh this is truly heavy for me!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I'm getting well but only to find out that I missed Lenka Showcase yesterday in One Utama (the 2nd of August's show)...

I A M D I S S A P P O I N T E D !

I know somewhere in KL now, Lenka's sleeping soundly! How am I going to meet her? To watch her singing? Aaa.. All the backstage passes were finished!

How? How? How? I cannot stop thinking tonight. About this. About when my favorite singer is in KL and there's something I know I could do to realize my dream of meeting her!

Lenka, the least I could do is to buy your album, yeah? I'll get it, I promise! I won't just download those from the internet. Furthermore, not all of the songs are downloadable. I will get the album!

Lenka's in KL this week but how am I going to meet her?

Good night, Diary!