Monday, June 29, 2009

I Am So Annoyed!

Hey Diary,

As the title goes! Ughhh!

I guess anyone in this world who unfortunately has no unique singing voices would sometimes want to release the tension by singing! No matter how ugly the voice might be, it is still a way to express something - anything - that by singing, someone could achieve feeling free and less stress!

However, certain who has, what I consider as a voice that can sing, do not really understand this alternative. They normally just know they sing with a feeling of greatness that they are actually good at singing, without giving a damn to what the others might feel or think. Because of simply their voices could sing, they ignore the rest!

And so, when the less fortunate ones sing, just a couple of favorite songs, they are bothered by the act without thinking of when they sing, whether people would like really much of their voices or not!

To these unmentioned names here in this house, I would just like to say, "Go fcuk yourself!" as they think only them who have tensions and stress. People who do not have a singing voice, don't have any!

Excuse my language. I am mad.

Fcuk off!


This is a great start, Dear Diary.
I shall not miss even one moment of this.
Say no more.
I'll just do.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Durian Fever!

Hey Diary,

Last Monday, I had agreed to follow my best friend's parents visiting their orchard situated in Pekan Nenas, Pontian - a small town ahead before the city of Johor Bahru. Located in between the district of Pontian and the state's capital city of JB. That is about 15 minutes journey by car. Unfortunate enough, my best friend Anis was not together with the three of us as she has had to be in her University.

My family can be said, we do not have this hobby in planting and cultivating the flora of this world. Sadly enough, my mother normally would just know to buy vegetables from the town market to be cooked. Therefore, I am grown up to appreciating others' hobbies of both cultivation and plantation. Once, I have thought that I am of no green fingers person but this thought was quashed by a prominent friend who said that is the ultimate being of a reason of laziness. His opinion is very well perceived by me, though.

A hut at the front

We started the day off by collecting durian which has fallen that night earlier into the kereta sorong.

A kereta sorong ;p (Don't know what it is in English)

Later, Uncle Hamid asked me to sit and enjoy the durian that Auntie and I have collected in the first place. The first one contained this yellowish sweet taste of durian that I myself enjoyed it till finger-licking good! Yum yum!

However, I was to enjoy it alone because perhaps Uncle & Auntie had enough enjoyment at the early of the season, eating durian. Although I was pretty shy but I had to hide it in order to satisfy this crazy craving of enjoying one. Oh. Did I tell you a night before, a friend of mine has me envied of him for the same reason? And probably, on this moment of truth I took it for the revenge! So, I did eat A LOT of it. I mean it, A LOT. In Malay - it is understood as 'pulun'!

More and MORE to come!

We also got to pluck some rambutans (rambutan gading that is yellow in colour) that day. Mm-mm! And some mangosteen. Uncle told me about a fact of eating mangosteen and drinking coffee at the same time could possibly entitle one to death. I do not know how far this is true but they said it had happened, before. The logical explanation is derived from the fact that the mangosteen is naturally 'cold' in character & coffee, the otherwise, is 'hot' in nature. Therefore, one who cannot stand these 2 elements can approach the death! Too good to be true, to me!

Rambutan from the up-close.

And this is the baby of it! Cute, huh?

Despite being bitten by a lot of kerenggas (ants) and mosquitoes, I did really enjoy every second being at the orchard. My best friend's parents treated me kindly and they were really worried of me every time feared if I'd be bitten by mosquitoes and all which I actually didn't give a mind to. That's mother nature, I think. Natural.

I had the best time there but being the consequence of the extreme enjoyment now I'm catching a feverish condition resulted from eating a lot of durian, I guess. People say, being extreme isn't good. This is it I bear with me now. But it was really priceless!

Off for now, Diary!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Toilet Loser

Hi Diary,

Long enough already I didn't update this with some words. I've been a little busy lately with a little problem but now seemed it has been already forked up! *Hehe!*

Spending 3 days earlier mostly in Shah Alam. And a day in KL - KLCC to be exact. I planned to visit Petrosains because I heard they have put up many new scientific stuffs to be played with! But, hey, hey, hey what a tempting heart (so-called) I got later on when they have closed for the day as I arrived happily to obtain myself an entrance ticket! Sheesh~ It was a 20 MINUTES LATE! It is supposed to close at 5.30PM. Oh sadness, eat me dearly!

Feeling super-duper dissappointed, I proceeded to its goodies shop that was still opened for a brief outlook on what really is sold in there. Nothing much. Mostly souvenirs made in China. Ugh. Not that I anti-China products, people, but more to annoying when the fact which I know the prices are actually increased a little bit higher. Never mind, I didn't intend to buy either. :-P

With the money not spending for the Petrosains, instead I spent RM2.00 to enter their super-stylish public toilet. Well, they'll provide you a wet tissue and also you can use all toiletries provided such as the baby powder, hand-lotion, hand-moisturizer and all for free (paid before enter, in fact) :-P all are products of The Body Shop and Johnson & Johnson. :-P

What can I conclude here Diary.. *sigh* I visited KLCC for its RM2.00 toilet.

What a loser! :-(

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I must say I envy them. But, I accept this.
I won't be defeated by failure like forever.
I will meet my success one day.
Because, I simply have faith in the God & myself.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oh Vacation! Part 2

Then, diary..

The next day, my parents planned to go to Bukit Kayu Hitam, Kedah but when we finally got there, it was like a dead city, indeed. Nothing there. Zero! So, we departed to head to Padang Besar because according to my cousin, all the business there had been moved to Padang Besar because it is situated closer to Thailand. The lesser the distance, the easier the shipment, the cheaper the cost, I think. Haha. Even so, we had time to have snapshots taken in the gas station Petronas in Bukit Kayu Hitam. For a proof at least we have been there, gee~

Cool pic, hot weather.

On the way to Padang Besar, we continued sightseeing and snapping picturesque scenery shots. These are amongst them.

As far as the eyes can see: A paddy field across the highway

The road to Padang Besar

We spotted an alien plate number of a Thailand vehicle, I thought it as cool stuff!

In the middle of the journey, successfully persuaded my dad stopping by the road for some breathtaking snapshots. Gee!

See the benign cloudy sky combined with gigantic mountains behind? Just amazing! :-D

At both side of this road is actually the biggest cultivation of sugarcane countrywide of which I thought it was just African grass wildly grows, earlier. The ground is so wide so they are just being productive, I think! =P Great.

And yeah, still daydreaming of sinking into clear cold water as well - it's soaring HOT~~ At times like this, drinking a lot of water would just do the trick. So you wouldn't be vaporised as well into the hot air, hee! Reaching Padang Besar, so this is the first snapshot to picture how exactly the place really was..

The very first view of a never-been-here-before place.

Actually, that was not it all. There are many rows of shops and a big building at the back comprising of many small stalls selling products of Thailand - ranging from clothes to handbags to Thai mattress (shape of triangle mattress) to football jerseys to foods to beautiful brooches to even ice cream!

One of my favourite snapshot.

The ice cream is sold in 50 cents, RM1.00 and RM1.50 per cup according to size we demand. It can be topping up with glutinous rice, or some cookie crumbs and at the end of it, it is poured with some milk over the ice cream. Imagine for the cheaper price, I bet no one can resist this. On the soaring HOT weather!!

My mom was busy dealing with the towkey & my little sis busy modelling the brooch sold. Gee~ :-P

It was fun, really. Although, the 'shopping mall' isn't exactly like Mid Valley but what the heck, here you can bargain till it'd be a relatively knocked down price you may not get in MV.

At the late afternoon, we dropped by Pekan Rabu in Alor Setar to have a look and another little shopping experience at a place where our former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad once had his small business on his childhood time. The most popular thing to buy here (quoted by me, hehe!) is the Kuah Rojak Buah Mak Bee. It is some kind of condensed sauce made from soy sauce, nuts, belacan and chilies, to be eaten with fruits normally. It is FINGER LICKING GOOD. Really.

View from the upfront.

At a stall with my little sis.

The colorful insight - inside.

The endless jam - outside.

Posing under the hot sun.

After quite a while spending our own sweet time there, we went back to SP. I took my own sweet time taking bath at home because that was the only thing I had in mind all day long since morning! At night, just having seafood dinner that being thought as one of a great happening but well I'll get back to this story, later.

All in all, I can't regret Malaysia doesn't have snow falling season because I simply don't. At least, I've experienced being a hot girl, anyway! Hahaha~ *You're allowed to puke* Gee~

Done with part 2!

Oh Vacation! Part 1

Dear Diary,

It has been a while since last I updated you. I've been on vacation to the North of Peninsular Malaysia with family for 5 days of fun. All tension were relieved while I was away. We've finished 4 states in 5 days, included Selangor, Perak, Kedah and Perlis. Not to forget, a country - Thailand! Just on its few steps of southern of Thailand but hey it's still on the other side of the boundary. I was thrilled!

The weather throughout the trip was soaring hot and most of the time, we were bathed in sweat. Gee~ Feels like being burnt like the beef steak! Anyways, it wasn't a barricade at all, to enjoy the scenery after scenery.

Well, it is kind of impossible to write all things that happened on the trip in just a post. I'll keep a long story short by deducting unnecessary things. :-p

Respectively in Selangor & Perak, it wasn't really a vacation. Just merely attending wedding invitations both by my mom's relatives. So, there's nothing much has happened in a wedding ceremony. Hehe, a wedding ceremony is just a plain wedding ceremony like usual. We just went to both ceremonies in one day, both differently situated in 2 different states. But I adored the one in Selangor better because it was so beautiful!

The bridal dais (Selangor).

The one in Perak has had no bridal dais simply because it was on the bridegroom side so probably they just did some simple ceremony. In the Malay culture, normally wedding ceremony will be held majestically on the bride side of family whilst the bridegroom's ceremony was simply a celebration to welcome the daughter-in-law into the family. The emblems of the marriage is done on what is called 'akad nikah' whereby it is when the guy is wedded to the girl by religious oaths on the bride ceremony. Just the same, I think, to Christian's oath in the altar of a church by saying "I do, you do" stuffs like that. Hehe.

This was when on the second wedding in Perak. Spent likely another 1 hour and a half on the highway to reach there. Oh yes you're right, my siblings and I just dozed off along the way. It seemed that's the only best thing to do, after all.

Upon the arrival at that particular relative's house, the ceremony had already been done. The cake has already been eaten. And the people were all gone. What's left - just members of the family who were busy cleaning and sleeping the evening off. Gladly enough, we made it there and our arrival was kindly treated with little evening meal with some wedding cake. Hehe! But we were pretty full actually. What is important (to my mother), that we've showed up!

After a while staying shortly for 1 hour there, we headed on our journey to Sungai Petani, Kedah - to my uncle's house. Oh yeah, we love staying there if going to the North because he is indeed a nice uncle - a brother to my dad, actually. On the way, I had snapshots of the scenery taken along the highway...

Reaching Sungai Petani in relatively 3 1/2 hours later, we had firstly stopped by Jam Besar in SP where there are mirage of food stalls there for a simple dinner before heading to our uncle's house. At night, we all were just the dead meat.

Actually Diary, along the way, I only daydreamed of dousing myself into a cold clear river water because of the heat. Even the vehicle's air-conditioner was no match of it! Oh coldness! Oh breeze! :-p

End of day one.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Like A Song

Dear Diary...
I'm in love with this song right now.
Lenka - Like A Song

I can't forget you when you're gone,
You're like a song that goes around in my head
And how I regret, it's been so long
Oh what went wrong? Could it be something I said
Time, make it go faster
Or just rewind to back when I'm wrapped in your arms
Ah ooh...
Dum da de dum....
All afternoon long it's with me the same song
You left a light on inside me my love
I can remember the way that it felt to be
Holding on to you....
I can't forget you when you're gone,
you're like a song that goes around in my head
And how i regret, it's been so long
Oh what went wrong? Could it be something i said
Time, make it go faster
Or just decide to come back to my happy heart
Ah ooh....

It's really in my head.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Abah & A 23 Years Old!


Just now after Maghrib prayer, I slept following what my tired eyes wanted. It was 7.40pm and it took until 9pm. I awoke only to find out I had a bad dream.. not to say a nightmare 'cause it wasn't really at night time I slept. Huhu!

The dream began with seeing my dad's car entering house compound which is driven by a girl at the driver seat. I was playing the sand with Pichi (my lil' bro) then. I rushed into the house alarming my mom dad's bringing "Mak Esahhh!", still having time to joke with mom.. My mom simply replied with a smile. (Awww..)

Then, she has come in and dad asked me to shake hands with her and she smiled pretty a lot. Mm well, she's quite pretty & young. I learned after that she's about my age! Oh my. (Puke!) I entered my room with the door opened and somewhere that I could hear their conversation clearly. My room and the living hall is just within earshot so that was quite possible to hear. Heard my mom asking, "When will you both be married?" had successfully forced me to stand and you know, amok was going on~

I was like a monster rushing outside and seeing her victim with murderous feeling! Haha! Screaming a lot, scolding my dad who's quite shocked I ran amok, and scolding the girl who has stopped smiling - had made the calm evening pretty chaotic!

My dad then got mad too, with me had his anger pulled out - scolding me back. I was crying but I didn't care. Then I took a drinking glass on the coffee table and threw it right onto his face but was missed! Ooooh..

OH ok then that's it. I got woken up and realized it was just a bad dream!

After that, with my heavy head - I stood up & went out to find all members of family were in the living hall watching TV. Being a numb and dumb, I sat quietly on the dining table - thinking of the dream I just had. Nida realized I have woken up and teased me like she owns the world.. But, I had no expression, really.

Approaching me, she yelled like bla3 but I didn't give a damn. I pulled her ear near me and I whispered "Nida, I dreamt Abah got married with someone my age!! I'm still shocked!" then Nida was like very naughtily yelled my sentence back to be heard in the living hall. Abah & mama had no expression! HAHAHA! Maybe this is something sensitive na. Pheww~ Butterfly was inside my stomach but I was numb so I just let Nida did that.

What a dream!!

OK Diary, shut down.