Friday, November 27, 2009

Wet Eyes

Indeed, today is the saddest Aidiladha.
How I wish I was away! T_T

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Mother's Love

A mother is not supposed to show favoritism to any of her children. That's what most of us would believe how a mother should react to upbring the children. Each of every child in siblings would have different personalities. Which would be great or worse in mother's eyes. Therefore, favoritism emerges out of the undivided love. But, I definitely don't believe this superstitious belief most people have in their mind. Why? Because it's not happened to me, in reality.

This is among the reasons why I was at first, kind of - reluctant to come back home for this semester break. Kind of satiated with all the situations I could foresee - with mother's extra attention to those significant ones. And, of course, the significant ones do not include me.

Although one might argue this undivided love from a mother, I myself couldn't help but feel the unfairness happens. It's so sick to just pretend like it's actually not so.

Only one thing I can prove that I also could appear better in my mother's eyes is through self-achievement. That's only through time - would help me rise on the surface.

Still, I'd remember without fail - the divided love between us to those who are my mother's favorites. I remember good.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Delete or Not To Delete?


I think I kind of hate Facebook. But I can't resist myself from checking into there more & more often every time - whenever I have the chance. Such a contradictory yes-and-no in between. Believe it or not, I've given it a thought over deleting my account, several times. Hmm... but, those comments my friends have had written over my wall and my pictures are deeply appreciated that I don't want to lose them! It's a sign, at least, they knew I'm existed. And there are funny comments that made me bursting out my laugh each time I went through reading it.

Admittedly, Facebook has given me many opportunities to meet up new friends as well! Not to be left out, those old school ex-classmates on which surely had me dropped out my jaw seeing at their changes over time - through photo-viewing, of course. It's the time to collect all those memories back from some lane to be remembered for some pictures. How memorable! And, new friends... Ahaha, I'm pretty tickled at how this social website could bring out the daring me, somehow. Not in a bad way, eh. Meeting a guy out of it? I couldn't even imagine that! Bahaha...

Off now!


It has been long enough not to share any thoughts in here. It was because of the examinations which needed me to a full focus.

Since it has gone, it left me with bundle of boredom now. Or shall I call it 'bundom'?

So!, I've done things that perfectly killed 'bundom' since then! Like just now, I went window-shopping at MidValley by myself which I enjoyed every second of it! Yeah, just a window-shopping because I didn't have the means to really shop, you know? How pity.. Anyway, it's OK since it's also a type of shopping. Haha. The joy of leisurely going alone is actually spending quality time with your own self. On daily basis, you are always occupied to busily treating the others with your own kindness. By becoming a loner of window-shopping/shopping, actually, it keeps your mind free from focusing to other people who need your attention. You let yourself relaxed and rejuvenated while allowing yourself to enter into any boutique/shop that you are not allowed to when you go to the mall with your boyfriend. Just my two cents' worth. No offend, but really girls, I know everyone feels just the same.

I've found way too many pretty stuffs today but managed to have only 2 or 3 garments. The cheap ones eh, but pretty things to my eyes.. Oh uh, I'm not really a shopaholic myself by posting this entry but I've to admit I really enjoy it! Who doesn't! Hopefully by this window-shopping, it generates self-spirit to study harder & smarter, get a better pay of salary and shop all I want! (This is to make window-shopping looks not particularly wrong to guys' eyes..) Haha! Brilliant.

Women & shopping cannot be separated, indeed.
Like Nadia & her window-shopping! Haha.

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