Monday, September 28, 2009

Losing Minyu

What a hectic Eid Mubarak I've had this year, dear Diary!

Minyu went missing on the fourth day of Syawal while I was enjoying Raya with friends. This time, she has gone travelling for 5 days! I really wonder where has she ventured to in that bushy area of my house in Pontian. Ever since she's been missing, I've totally stopped being happy and it was rather grey for this Raya, I felt. It was an experience of mundaneness of losing a husband, per my mum says. Bet I love her way too much!

Alhamdulillah now that she has been found, I felt a huge relief thrown out of my shoulder & I'm rather glad she's here with me now. This mind has come back to calmness. No worries of Minyu's being bitten by snakes or kids on the road had taken her away. All that have gone~

Minyu is very adventurous, I think. She loves to explore new places. But, she doesn't know how to survive on her own out there. This Whiskas-only cat couldn't go to a supermarket to buy herself a bag of Whiskas therefore she has tried hard to find her way back home! And... she MADE it! Kudos Minyu!! She told me stories yesterday of her adventure in a language that only Minyu & I could understand... And yes, she has a lot to tell! Hehe.

And.. Now, all I need to do is to focus on my assignments.

BUT -- why the heck can't I? What now, minddd..?!!

Re-installing her energy. She has lost some weight, her cheeks have little residue, she's a little bit dingy. But, she's safe!

Thanks Mama, Abah, Nida, Emy, Mimim & Pichi for your concerns!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

This Is My Problem

I never yet had a time throughout this Ramadhan where I am left with zero ideas to what to eat for breaking the fast. But today, I have. The main reason; I'm officially broke. Ehehe! Yeah, you're right - I should've just rang my father asking him to bank-in some. But, I don't have the heart to. I know somehow they're using a huge sum of money for Raya to come so, a stitch in time saves nine, right? (I mean, it lessens their burden if I don't ask..) But still!

Maybe it's because of this starving stomach that makes me think of these excessive desires for food! I really don't know what to eat, later. To cook? The fridge in this house was just broken 2 days ago so I had forcefully thrown all the fish & meat I've bought for rainy days. Just fry nasi goreng? Nay - totally a voracious carnivore during this fasting month, I tell ya. I need some flesh. Hehe..

I need some miraculous rezeki from God to help me save the day. Amin.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Iftar With Rad

Had a lovely night tonight at the House of Pakeeza in PJ!

Anas & I were having good time which we shared it together with my BFF, Rad and her half other heart, E.J. for breaking the fast. They're lovely, gorgeous couple. Looking forward to having a blast with both of them again! The chemistry built within that short while was so immense. Hee!

But what is missed on that lovely Iftar was a handy camera.
Darn it. -_-'

P/S: Lately, I kind of lazy to write into you, Diary, because right after breaking the fast - MOST OF THE TIME, it's gotten some sleepiness on the eyes. Couldn't stand it. Blame the eyes. No. Blame NOT.

(It was so lovely that I wanted to nestle the moments into here to be remembered..)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Cheated by An Alarm Clock

Today... Hehe. Just this early morn, when I woke up for sahur - I was awaken without the banging sound of my alarm clock, like always. I did wake up on my own. Something, something made me 'up'! You know. Up!

All my flatmates were away. Away at their hometown. Oh! I was, last weekend. So, it's my turn to be alone this weekend. Only Syu is here but she also has fled away somewhere I don't even bother to know. Hehe.

So, to story, I woke up in a rush when I glanced at the clock that the minute needle showed at ?:40 a.m. Oh my! Oh my! It meant that I only have few minutes left to fulfill my stomach with food. Going into the kitchen, taking up a mug - filling it with sky juice and taking a seat on the dining table. Luckily, there has leftovers from yesterday's Iftar of a bowl of fried rice & some cold nuggets. I ate a spoon of rice quickly only to have found that it was already hackneyed. Ugh~ So! Just the cold nuggets went down my belly with just plain water. Sad.

But I was feeling grateful I managed to even wake up at least, haha! Finishing that with a mug of water, I lazily dragged my half-lively body into the room. My eyes once again peek a glance at the clock hanging on the wall in the living hall. It showed 5:05 a.m. 'Ahh! Impaired clock!!' said me knobbly.

Once entering the room, I was startled to see that the alarm clock really showed it was 5:05 a.m.! Woaaahh! Meaning, I was EARLY! Hahaha! What a rush! Without wasting any minute, I rushed off again to the kitchen, lighted up the stove, took out the frozen nugget from the fridge and fried it. I also made myself eggnog - just to fill up the stomach. And a mug of hot Milo. Hee! I made it for Sahur finally, and actually.. And, now I'm pretty full to be going through the day without the worms making noisy sounds out of my belly, later on.

How time could cheat!