Thursday, June 3, 2010

Exchanging Partners

It is mostly the sad feeling tonight, Diary.

I am questioned hardly by such answerable questions in my head about guys in general and love, specifically.

In a love relationship, two persons of different sexes fall in love with each other with a quest that they both actually have a lot in common. But at the middle, when the time gets longer, although it is quite fit to say the longer they know the more things regarding him/her that they'll know within each other; renders it to be insanely possible because there suddenly exists misunderstandings, uncommon things/interests are created making almost all stuffs turned as sour as sour plum.

The mostly common case is when there suddenly exists a whole new character into that relationship being as an obstacle to the smoothness beforehand. But I admit it is not wholly the fault of that new character that just comes into stage, it is just basically the entire fault of whom get the situation hot for a moment that, that one should be stoned to death, if emotionally driven.

So, what do men want really? They have what they have gained with so much efforts previously but then they just wasted it as if nothing in memories is ever valuable to them. Because that other new character is beautiful, makes them think twice of any bizarre chances that might be coming into life once in a lifetime. The possibility in getting the chance is undeniably risky but still men would weigh its pros and cons in order to get hold of that new, beautiful character. For their own satisfaction.

I am intrigued by such notion that men can actually have to be naughty once in a while but why can women? (I mean, why can't I...? :p)

Seriously I did actually give the leeway for him to go for her. But the hurt I expected to hold would be so painful, I know. So I don't want to let anything go for I believe 87% of his 'being naughty' is temporary while I'll be getting the permanent one.

Lastly, the truth is, I'm getting tired of this.
I didn't give a damn just now.

Sleep tight, D. Night night.

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