Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Getting Fat, me.

Hi Little Diary,

How are you? (Heheheh!)

Well Diary, I just want to share with you that I think over time, I'm gaining weight! Or the rude way of saying it is I'm getting fat! I put myself to tests every now and then and obviously the fact is indeed true. For examples, when I sit on the toilet bowl, I couldn't see any white line beside both my feet. That's first. Secondly, when I wear skinny jeans, the above of my knees both have this extra baggage which when I pinched it, it has almost about a grasp, wo! Luckily, it still fits me. Haha! And whenever I sit and drive, I could see as if err a big snake on the chair. lol! I'm not that happy for this but I could say my life has been happier since I allowed myself to eat a lot. At least, I don't have to visit Klang Hospital that often for broken stomach. *wink wink*

Just really hope I can make my heart becoming really really fat too. So that, it'll be numb, dumb, and a bum!

I need to make myself busy. I'm going to take that job.

Rest to sleep now, D.

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